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Seeing a new hairstylist for the first time is a bit like going on a first date. It can be scary, right?

Will this new salon be the same as my old one? Will they do a good job? Will my curls be beachy and soft but last the night? How will they tone my hair- will they know how much I hate yellow?  

The anxiety is real when faced with a new salon or stylist. 

During new client visits, we have extra time allocated to make sure we focus on getting to know about your hair goals and asking the important questions about your hair so we can better support your hair journey. 

If you feel like you haven’t been heard at other hair salons you’ve tried in the past, or that maybe they “just did what they wanted to”, be rest assured that we will do everything we can to give you the best experience we can. 

There is nothing more important to us than making sure both you and your stylist feel comfortable with where your hair journey is heading (pun intended 😉) before moving forward. 

If you're ready for your first hair date at Salon Savoy, just know that we are the same as you; normal, down to earth and we just want to make you feel good. 

Can’t wait to see you soon. x

Cut and Style

All our stylists are training to a high standard. Haircut prices will vary between stylists and are based on experience- if you have a specific style in mind, let us know and we can recommend a team member that is experienced in creating the look for your hair goal's.

Ladies Cut and Finish

$85 - $95

Men’s Cut


Female College Cut and Finish (13-17 years old)


Male College Cut (13-17 years old)


  • Please note; we offer the college cut menu on weekday’s until 5pm, appointments for these services outside of those times will be charged at their full service price.

Creative Colour Packages

All our colour packages include a K18 in salon treatment and a blowdry.

Global Colour

$210 - $274

Global Root Regrowth 

$180 - $240

Colour + Foils  

$240 - $355


All of our foils and balayage packages include a toner, K18 in salon and a blowdry. 

Harline + Parting 

$143 - $199

Partial Head

$199 - $250

Half Head Foils 

$298 - $339

Three Quarter Head Foils

$310 - $340

Full Head Foils 

$335 - $362

Add a Root Smudge or Shadow 

  • $65-110


Half Head 

From $351

Full Head 

From $378


Half Head 

From $350

Full head

From $390

Colour Correction and Complete Colour Changes 

Complete changes or colour correction services require a consultation booking prior to booking the service. The cost will vary depending on where your hair is currently and your desired result. Book a consultation to get an estimated cost. 

Extra Colour Usage

From $20

All our prices are based on an average head of hair, additional product charges may apply for thick or long hair. We recommend that you allow up to $60 for extra hair colour. We recommend booking a complimentary consultation prior to any colour service. 

Adding a Hair Cut.

Pricing to add a cut will vary between stylists. Please enquire with us for a specific price. 

New Clients 

If your new to colour, or the salon; we highly recommend a skin allergy test be done 48 hours priors to your appointment. Allergic reactions can occur at any time no matter how many times you have previously coloured your hair. Additionally, if you notice any sensitivity or irritation (before, during or after your colour service) please let us know ASAP.

Hair Extensions

New heads of hair extension package includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in cream, Heat protection spray and a Hair Brush. A cut to blend is also included.

One-quarter head


Half head


Three-quarter head


Full head


Extension Maintenance

Required every 6 - 8 weeks and includes a wash, dry + styling either curls or straightening. Colour packages can be added to extension maintenance services. 

One-quarter head

$90 - $110 

Half head

$110 - $130 

Three-quarter head

$120 - $140 

Full head

$145 - $165 

Extension Removal  


  • Any hair extension maintenance that is left longer than 12 weeks OR that is matted, unclean, and/or takes more time than the allocated time slot will be charged and extra time charge.

Rituals & Treatments

K18 Repair Treatment (includes a take home treatment)


K18 Express 


Bond Fusion


Miracle Elixir Treatment Mask - (with a Hot Towel)


Keratin Smoothing, Straightening or Waving 

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

$259 - $332

Permanent Straightening

$337 - $422

Permanent Wave

$206 - $296

Event Styling 

Blow Dry 

includes a finishing with the straightening irons.

$53 - $75

Glamour Blow Dry

includes a finishing with tong or curl wand.

$75- $100

Hair Ups

Extra time is charged at $25 per 15 minutes. 

$105 - $130

Wedding Hair & Makeup


Event Make Up 


*Only Available with Melissa

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