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Is your hair working for you; or are you working for your hair?

It's no secret that hair coloring isn't cheap. The good news is that once you have achieved your desired colour, there are a few tricks and tips you can do to save you time, money and stress on your hair. The best of both worlds!

Natural soft hair colours that have less long term maintenance are becoming increasingly popular. There are several ways of doing this, the most effective way is to use your natural regrowth root colour or add a root shadow to soften your regrowth line. As a result, the colour will grow out gracefully without a harsh line and you can wear it longer between touch-ups.

If you have gray hair (wisdom highlights!) that need covering you can add foils into your block/allover a colour. We can tone them to a lighter shade of your colour to create a blend that mimics a natural hair colour. Not only will it give you natural variation to your colour but it will soften out harsh growth lines so you can go longer between colours. 

You can also look to alternate the highlight services you use; it is not necessary to have your full head of balayage done every time you visit the salon. When balayage clients want to brighten around their hairline but love their root shadow, hairline foils are great. As part of our feature foils service, we offer hairline foils and toner. This is a great alternative to having your full balayage colour done every time.

Similar to alternating the highlight services, you might not need highlighlights done every time you visit the salon. Opting for a toner or glaze (every second appointment) will not only refresh and revive your hair but also extend the life of your highlights by 4-6 weeks.  


Coloured Shampoo & Masks work similar to a purple/silver shampoo, by depositing a little bit of colour into your hair each time you shampoo and condition. They work really well to maintain the tone of any colour and extend the life of your colour. We can personalize your colour mask to mimic your last hair colour so it stays fresh for long. 


So whether it's minutes or pennies you are counting, try and stick to the basics. An honest conversation with your stylist will tell you what you actually need to achieve or maintain your hair goal. There are always ways to help you develop a more affordable hair plan because nothing beats the feeling of fresh hair!

Remember that once you have achieved your hair goal colour, maintenance is always the most cost and time effective. 

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  • We recommend a 4 to 6 week maintenance programme for Toners and Glazes as they wash out gradually. If you are already happy with the level and amount of lightness, just in need of a little refresh; the ‘Tone, Treat and Cut’ package is for you. You can request and appointment for the package here.
  • If you want to chat about your options, you can contact us for a personalized plan.  
  • Our Colour Chameleon Masks and Silver Saviour Shampoo are available in store and online. Shop here.

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