FAQ's at Salon Savoy

by Salon Savoy

Is it okay for me to bring pictures?

We love it when you bring pictures of the looks you want to achieve. It helps us get a visual as there are so many different versions of a warm can also find pictures to inspire you. If you show us pictures of the look you want, we will be able to give you options based on your current hair color, hair condition, and facial features.


Can I switch stylists if I love the salon?

Don't be afraid to try someone new! We work together as a team so we won't be offended you or make you feel uncomfortable. We would much rather you stayed than go somewhere else. We're such a diverse group, have some fun and try us all out!

What if my stylist leaves the salon?

Salon Savoy has a high staff retention rate. In this industry, however, we understand that employees need to take a time out to start a family or travel or just take a break. We provide quality training for our stylists and are diligent about recording your colour histories, so you will be in safe hands with any other stylist in our salon. 

If your regular stylist is sick or leaving, we will always be honest with you. We strive to create a happy, creative work environment so that our team members are loyal, committed, and long-term of service. It is important to us that our staff are treated with respect as we believe a happy work environment leads to better results.


My hair should be washed before I arrive, should I do it?

There is no need for it. Before any of our cuts, we shampoo, condition, and massage the hair, and sometimes it is easier to colour and foil the hair when it is a little dirty.


Is my price lower if I don't have my hair washed or blow dried?

Unfortunately, no. We take pride in our work, so all haircut prices include shampoo, condition, massage, and blowdry. You will not only leave looking amazing, but we will also check your haircut when it is dry and do any necessary texturizing and personalizing to your finished style. 


Is a blowdry required if I am having a colour only without a cut?

We like to dry the hair after colouring because it means that both of us can see the finished result of the colour and make sure we have nailed it. The cost is included in our colour packages and services.  You can view our prices on our services page. . 


I have allergies to some chemicals and fragrances, can I use your products?

For anyone with a scalp sensitivities, we have Keune’s So Pure range. This range is exactly what it sounds like: a sulfate-, ammonia-, and paraben-free color, care, and styling range. 

Please let your stylist know if you would like us to use the So Pure range. 

Foils can also be used if chemicals are still a concern. The color is contained in the foils, so no chemicals touch your scalp. Please discuss any allergic reactions or sensitivities to colour prior to the appointment; we can do a skin test to see if you are compatible with our colour range. We can also give you samples to test out the products before committing to a full bottle. 

Side note: All of our products are 100% vegan.


I am a little nervous about my first appointment with a new stylist. 

Please dont be! We encourage a great rapport between stylists and clients. Don't be afraid to speak openly with your stylist. Our goal is to ensure that you are a satisfied client; we don't have big egos; we are confident in our knowledge and we just want to see you smile.


Is there parking at the salon?

Yes, on the Main Road. You can also park on any of the surrounding residential streets. 

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